The Dog Pawrent's Responsibilities
Our accessories are designed for everyday use and cater to domestic dog needs.
Whilst they are paws-itively durable, no accessory is indestructible! It is the responsibility of the dog pawrent to check for wear & tear and that the product remains suitable for your dog at all times.

Wear & Tear
We handle genuine faults after inspection, but wear and tear won't qualify for refunds or replacements. We don't guarantee absolute protection from our items; owners are accountable for any damage caused by misuse or storage mishaps.

Our Prints & Fabrics
Print colours may slightly vary due to different fabric compositions. Each item has a unique design as a repeat pattern is used. All our designs are like paw-sonalities, one-of-a-kind and copyrighted!

Correct Sizing Is Essential
Be sure to fetch the right size using our guides before making a paw-chase. Correct sizing is essential, fitting snugly at the neck and chest. Unfortunately, we can't customise items or alter harnesses.

Care Information
Treat our accessories with tender care—no hot washes above 40 degrees, please!
It is recommended to place them in a mesh bag or old pillowcase and opt for a gentle cycle. Let them air-dry flat to keep them in top-notch shape. And remember, no tumble drying—our accessories prefer to air-dry! (Tumble drying may cause shrinking.)
Lastly, ensure any detergents used are safe for your canine companion.